Sunday, October 24, 2010

SEO-Baidu popular keyword ranking F experience

Contact SEO in the second half of last year, the network end is nothing to open a number of PW was fun, although they make little money, and is pretty enough to spend

We all know the network information needed to open, PW, when I remember throwing a monthly fee, PW propaganda points I feel the pressure, so, with the stations to advertise the idea of publicity was the main point is Baidu's several sites First of all, we must start from Baidu, and those days, all day long in contact with us to find the article, look at some SEO articles.

Finally launched their first website This site has occupied a treasured, PW GOOGLE Baidu and the word three position for six months, and then LIWOOOL fight first.

Detail below, under how I do this site SEO's.

A total of three key words, the first is the main word, it is very important that you make sure your TITLE in the subject which is the best on the front, or just put a subject, not more than 30 characters.

keywords subject

description description (ps: these two highly controversial, some say written, some say written, think or write well, specifically how to write I do not say)

We look under the navigation: Cell Phones, Cell Phones Technology, Cell Phones plug-in, Cell Phones screenshots, Cell Phones Association; each part name includes the main keywords, this is very important.

Here is the latest section lists the home page, and this site as a small article, so I choose to have all of the articles appear all at home, like this for your engine easily within your page, generally with the home side within the same page , the contents of the list is the same, all listed. Another point is the page header and footer, must be unified content, otherwise the engine will think that this site is not important, to reduce its weight, the remaining thing is to do outside the chain, and so many ways outside the chain, has bought, have to exchange, there is to send garbage, anyway, is the Eight Immortals, each have their own bills, that depends on your own according to your own circumstances and select the appropriate methods.

On the outer chain personal view is that quality is more important than quantity, not much, but fine! Oh, of course, when we do not have quality time, went to seek the number, and this site has done 26 days later, on the first 1, 37 days time, into the top three, Oh, of course, I had a small profit.

Some people say, this is the last thing, you point out examples of the recent SEO see next to you good, Oh okay, I have come up with a to this site is also a small percentage of my recent be the first page.

SEO small percentage of my level is not high, to the first part is left to chance it, I currently do this www.8QW.NET Baidu's legendary World PW overall and 91 of the first page like , does not see the code, then easily see that one person, and, with the SEO strategy is the same, congratulations to you, you're right. But 8QW.NET used is completely DIV + CSS code, and completely abandon the table is what I learn DIV + CSS, the first website to do.

Why give up the table using DIV and then, this topic is also very controversial, I only said my opinion under: DIV reading speed faster than the table, because all the CSS styles inside, and engine spiders to your site the time to read all the content, without looking at your style, this is the DIV advantage.

We may have a look webmaster network code is DIV + CSS layout, many large sites also, so I use a DIV in this structure.

For a similar site in terms of style of the engine, to be considered a waste station, which is a lot of web content a lot, but the reasons for ranking has been stagnant. Therefore, we do point in time, be sure to choose different styles and different construction methods. 8qw spent more than a month on the first page of Baidu currently seventh, GOOGLE ninth, efforts continue.

8qw I just stop here, because the remaining works, exactly the same with 91. Supplemented on an internal link have to do a good job (internal link that is within your page and inside pages before, between the inside pages and home page link), this one is essential, if you do not understand, you can refer to other sites In fact, contact with us is a good reference site.

I said so much, not saying that everyone should do, PW class words, this term competitiveness too, now has entered the white-hot stage, webmaster gateway ads in PW we have seen, Oh all my competition opponents, ha ha ha, if you do not have enough time and energy, it is recommended not to touch the hot words, some popular words as you can to earn a lot of money.

For example, I recently did a small percentage of words, different from the PW, complete garbage station, by GGAD earn money, gain almost as much as PW, my whole operation is the same way.

However, I do not do website base chain, this way, too dangerous, as domestic engine, Baidu, or boss, but it, on the group chain is very severe punishment, if you do not call Baidu, then you can do under the Baidu GOOGLE does not seem so serious, foreigners do not understand Chinese, this is the truth.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Credit "to bear the blame," Who back?

Some time ago, I saw major domestic media have reported that the central bank put into use personal credit information database, but in most media reports have described has a plot, Mr. Wang is a place for non-payment of Guangdong Development Bank Credit card annual fee was added in the personal credit database, a bad record, no knowledge of his purchase of agricultural bank loan was rejected.

Similarly, because a friend recently I apply for CITIC Industrial Bank's credit card was refused, and also because of his bad credit record. Through memories, Then he remembered who was in the Guangdong Development Bank to help friends who work for the completion of issuing process over a broad mandate issued credit card, apply for credit cards, said the first year annual fee waiver for the second year, if not paid do not want to continue to use annual fee you can. However, after more than a year without receiving any calls, text messaging, e-mail notice shall pay an annual fee of the case, the Guangdong Development Bank will be directly sent a reminder of the lawyer's letter, This the second year that do not pay annual fee does not work, and has been the payment date ... ... although very happy things finally settled, it is clear that, by banks to add in the personal credit history in a bad record into the aftermath of the incident.

In accordance with the central bank's statement, the national network of individual credit database, whether the future can even pay their individual water, electricity and gas charges are included in the scope of credit history, credit history and personal financial activities will play an increasingly important role. The central bank's super-scale CRM system, number of people covered, the breadth of applications is beyond doubt. However, I work in the financial system through a friend understand that the personal credit database of features is not perfect, and now can not distinguish between malicious and good debt arrears. That is, for a person with intent to defraud, one because of his bad memory and forget to pay a fee and a bank staff as a result of negligence or dereliction of duty in arrears without the knowledge of who they personally credit history credit database may even be the same. If the individual credit database, can only record a delinquent act and no delinquent behavior, can not record the reasons for arrears and assessment is malicious or non-malicious, then functions of this CRM system is also equivalent to a simple notebook, Moreover, some bank staff may not fulfill this obligation in accordance with the workflow (for example, the amount of notification bill, charge date, mortgage or car loan interest rate increases as a result of whether the monthly payment adjustments), then the person probably just made a scapegoat The copies of the.

The author believes that individual credit database, the mind should be put into use in the financial activities of the individual's actual behavior to determine a person's credit rating. However, due to the imperfections of the system, coupled with still no one able to bank credit, service records, assessment, and standardized system of bank staff working attitude, methods can determine your credit rating, and also we can do is frequently used as soon as the card is not all the write-off in the future no more free to work in a bank to help students and friends to complete the task card, after all, more than one card, the more a pair of hands affect your credit record.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

P2P problem is the contradiction between closed and open

As the telecommunications network innate closed, resulting in the mindset of people that close to effective control.

P2P technology is the traditional C / S model of a subversion to download the case, P2P server solution center resources such as the "bottleneck", in a sense, improved resource utilization.

But as one philosopher said, "When you solve a level of conflict to make the system achieve 'closure' when, at a higher level will create new conflicts." P2P download the huge network traffic as if the world opened the "Pandora's Box" so that the pressure shifted to the entire network. To this end, it adopted a bandwidth expansion, traffic planning and positioning, such as tiered pricing and caching methods, these methods were to some extent, play a role, but will have its own shortcomings.

Essentially, P2P problem is the contradiction between closed and open, is an effective control and overall control of the conflict. As the telecommunications network innate closed, resulting in the mindset of people that can effectively control the closed and open means to lose the initiative. In fact, the closure may not be able to achieve real control, and open does not mean losing the initiative. To be "wealth" will change the Internet as the new technology of the future of P2P, pursuit and interception probably will not last long, turned a blind eye only for the time being to avoid the intensification of conflicts. These two approaches seem diametrically opposed, but is essentially a negative and "lazy" approach.

To resolve the dilemma posed by P2P downloading, it must adhere to the "operating in an increasingly open environment, a kind of network resources for the effective control, but not absolute control" attitude. Meanwhile, in the actual implementation and enforcement process, should be in-depth understanding of all aspects of the problem, determined on the basis of this principal contradiction, so that "poor selling." As a business-led type, operating level and the total size of the difference between business, mobile and fixed network operators, central and provincial, information developed and less developed regions policy makers, the starting point and the focus must be different. Nevertheless, as far as possible to ensure that both the original network investment, without compromising user experience, maximize cost savings are the new input in decision-making should be part of any meaning.

A best-selling management book, wrote: "In the twenty-first century business environment, changes in the nature of the eternal universe is much clearer. Qualified leaders must insight into the business environment changes rapidly, leading the team in a variety of non- determine changes in the initiative. "Every business model will change in the original luster to challenge, while new competitors provide an opportunity Zhiyou coping with the situation and be good in a changing Zhaodao 鏈夊埄 location to continue to develop. P2P also need to treat active and open, change is like a coin to see which side you choose.


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