Tuesday, October 5, 2010

P2P problem is the contradiction between closed and open

As the telecommunications network innate closed, resulting in the mindset of people that close to effective control.

P2P technology is the traditional C / S model of a subversion to download the case, P2P server solution center resources such as the "bottleneck", in a sense, improved resource utilization.

But as one philosopher said, "When you solve a level of conflict to make the system achieve 'closure' when, at a higher level will create new conflicts." P2P download the huge network traffic as if the world opened the "Pandora's Box" so that the pressure shifted to the entire network. To this end, it adopted a bandwidth expansion, traffic planning and positioning, such as tiered pricing and caching methods, these methods were to some extent, play a role, but will have its own shortcomings.

Essentially, P2P problem is the contradiction between closed and open, is an effective control and overall control of the conflict. As the telecommunications network innate closed, resulting in the mindset of people that can effectively control the closed and open means to lose the initiative. In fact, the closure may not be able to achieve real control, and open does not mean losing the initiative. To be "wealth" will change the Internet as the new technology of the future of P2P, pursuit and interception probably will not last long, turned a blind eye only for the time being to avoid the intensification of conflicts. These two approaches seem diametrically opposed, but is essentially a negative and "lazy" approach.

To resolve the dilemma posed by P2P downloading, it must adhere to the "operating in an increasingly open environment, a kind of network resources for the effective control, but not absolute control" attitude. Meanwhile, in the actual implementation and enforcement process, should be in-depth understanding of all aspects of the problem, determined on the basis of this principal contradiction, so that "poor selling." As a business-led type, operating level and the total size of the difference between business, mobile and fixed network operators, central and provincial, information developed and less developed regions policy makers, the starting point and the focus must be different. Nevertheless, as far as possible to ensure that both the original network investment, without compromising user experience, maximize cost savings are the new input in decision-making should be part of any meaning.

A best-selling management book, wrote: "In the twenty-first century business environment, changes in the nature of the eternal universe is much clearer. Qualified leaders must insight into the business environment changes rapidly, leading the team in a variety of non- determine changes in the initiative. "Every business model will change in the original luster to challenge, while new competitors provide an opportunity Zhiyou coping with the situation and be good in a changing Zhaodao 鏈夊埄 location to continue to develop. P2P also need to treat active and open, change is like a coin to see which side you choose.


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