Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The process of selling a few tricks to meet with CEOs

In the process of selling to do, especially in China, selling process, there are many things to number one in charge, if not number one support, a lot of things stuck in a certain state, can not be a breakthrough, so be able to see the boss is really about is very important. Past few years I summarizes the number of tricks to meet the boss, to sum up today.
The first one: sure they
Veterans finally get through the phone, I first used a method is to tell him he's so and so where the regional cooperation in the industry has used our software, the effect is very good, so want to come to the boss you recommend. This can cause part of the general attention of the boss, and usually arrange some time to give you the opportunity to meet.
Sometimes the boss will say, however, you say this has nothing to do with us are, then fails to pique interest in this all the time, directly to the next method.
The second measure: grandfather fishing
The general tone is this: In fact, our software is used to solve the following questions, for example, began to list the following software can solve the problem, simply, a list you can bring value. And there's relatively more skill. Mainly a matter of personal cultivation. If these issues are some of the old headache, then meet with CEOs to have more hope.
If you said this time just has not touched the other side, you give yourself a step, using the third measure: the cover of darkness. You say: so good, you are busy, next time I stop by when you first get some information. You all right? CEOs generally polite on the Chinese people will not be rejected. That way, next time you can go directly to the. In general, you go to the door, the other or will not refuse, of course, this is the worst, and depends on luck.
Three strategies are to be immediately in front of the main saw, there is still one behind the long-term strategy: Get personal.
This tactic required a better understanding of each other's personality, hobbies, etc.. And establish friendship relations, once established relations of friendship, following relatively easy.
Now is that I often use several tricks, hope we can continue to be inspired.

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