Monday, August 2, 2010

Ma: Alibaba revolutionized the traditional

Alibaba Group's principal founder, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma and non-executive directors of listed companies held 0.57% stake in Alibaba, according to Aug. 31 closing price of 19.24 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of 4.08 shares billion. In early September, he went to sell 1,300 million shares, cash up to 273 million Hong Kong dollars.

Ma was among the first in China to develop e-business applications and adhere to the entrepreneurs in the Internet field.

March 1999, Ma and his team to 500 thousand yuan venture in Hangzhou, development Alibaba. He has long been in the Internet business services, according to the experience in the field, clearly the Internet industry should pay attention and give priority to the development of e-commerce enterprises and between enterprises (B2B), his views and the development model Alibaba quickly to the international Internet community concern, known as "The Internet's fourth model."

Alibaba in the early stages of development to bypass the "hot potato - the logistics," and specially "transferring the product of the Gospel - information flow." The so-called information flow, that is delivered products. Traditional commercial goods through the physical delivery of information. And Alibaba's e-commerce is the use of electronic information instead of physical information. According to China's development of e-commerce industry to accurately locate sites. First arrested, but then in the implementation process has pursued new revenue opportunities. From the most basic set up sites for business, to promote the website and follow the online trade credit support services, order management transactions themselves, keep growing. The excellent operating profit model in the continuous process also will appear.

Alibaba started another important factor of success is just entering the market, all access to Alibaba members are "free membership" to attract business and registered users login platform, which together popularity, more companies are bringing gas market activities, membership in view of information also brings a steady stream of information flow, so as to continuously create business opportunities. Alibaba members of the majority of SMEs, "free membership" is the most important factors to attract small and medium enterprises.

Also the late founder of Taobao, Alipay, a subsidiary of Ali software. Currently, Alibaba Group trying to get through all the subsidiaries to form a chain to create new business models C2B2C.

B2B listing in Hong Kong in 2007, creating a lot of millionaires. But Ma has never personally owned more than 5%, has been a symbol of ownership.

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