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On the issue of AutoCAD customization in the linear

Linear diversity, is one of the characteristics topographic mapping, can be mastered custom topographic maps and use of linear, equivalent linear master AutoCAD customization in its entirety. To (form) Figure administrative boundaries, roads, pipelines, etc. are expressed with the special linear, although there are few available in AutoCAD topographic map dedicated linear, but linear provided through a custom AutoCAD function to deal with these special linear also not a difficult task. Based on the topographic map in a typical linear presentation of custom and usage to help beginners master the AutoCAD customization and use of linear. Here the topographic map of the line is divided into two categories: one is the common sense of the line, such as contour lines, paths, power lines, lines, and the Great Wall, this custom line although some more complex shape, but regarded it in the same category because they are consistent in the use, by the same method call, the same for line, pline such a command, the "real line"; the other is the so-called multi-line (or Multi-line) Multiline. Multi-line essentially parallel structure by the multi-line purchase made, its definition is completed, the multi-line drawing in order mline, one can put a number of different styles of parallel lines plotted. Multiline (multi-line) as a "line", than with the Offset (offset) such as command, in the use of natural there as a "line" advantages.

First, how to customize a variety of general type

The ordinary line shape can be divided into three categories: simple linear, with a shape (Shape) of linear, linear with the text string.

(A), how to edit and call linear file

Linear files are. Lin as a text file extension, you can use any ASCII text editor to edit, such as the WINDOWS the NOTEPAD Notepad. After the best linear file edited the path saved in AutoCAD, such as AutoCAD SUPPORT subdirectory under the installation directory, so you can access AutoCAD's default call path. Line type the text can be inserted into any instructions, just add the line first double semicolon ";;"銆?br />
In AutoCAD, custom linear to call, just call the dialog box, type line will be linear input file name, to over navigation path, select OK from the definition. Lin files.

(B), how to define administrative boundaries such as a simple linear.

By the repeated use of such linear dotted lines, spaces, dots, such as:

* County border (width .2), -.-.-.-.-.-.-
A, 2.0, -1.0,0, -1.0

The first line in the * number identifier, mark the beginning of the definition of a linear. "County boundary" for the linear name, width .2 to tips line width of 0.2mm. AutoCAD 2000 added the line width options toolbar, select the article on the on the linear side, this is a very useful feature that can be easily set dwarfed line width, so set the width of the line type name Tips are also more meaningful. AutoCAD 2000 on a new line width setting function, by default only for print output, as will be shown in the rendering is required to enter "Format" menu on the "Lineweight" set, select the "Display Lineweight . " Along with an interesting set "Adjust Display Scale", which adjust the thickness of line width shown in multiples of this set, making the width of the set, only print output is accurate, but when the screen display is indicative , and so that the width of the line with a better screen display.

Were followed by linear character of the linear shape with a rough picture icon that crossed the county line is the point of the shape. (Description is indicative, not linear shape of the actual impact). A second line must begin with that type of alignment. Positive 2.0 units that draw two dashes, a unit of negative -1.0 said spaces, digital 0 points.

Name on the linear, starting from AutoCAD R14, you can use the character name as linear, but generally not in the R14 version of mixed Chinese and English, the use of Chinese name, such as letters or numbers must be used only with full-width character format . In AutoCAD 2000 there is no such limit on. Limited to the AutoCAD toolbar box shows the width of the linear, linear were not more than 10 characters.

(C), how to define as high-voltage lines, the walls of such strip (Shape) definition of linear.

In the simple linear definition, insert-shaped unit, the definition of the linear strip form. Such as high-voltage linear is defined as:

* High-voltage lines, ----< -.-> ---
A, .001, [CIRCLE, map.shx, s = 0.4], -0.4,1.8,
[ARROW, map.shx, s = 1], 11.0,
[ARROW, map.shx, s = 1.0, R = 180], 1.8

The second line to the fourth line of this one line is written in easy to wrap it for processing. The definition of square-shaped brackets part, cited a total of three two-shaped unit, CIRCLE is a unit circle, ARROW to the arrow, the two shaped elements are placed in the form of documents called map.shx.

[ARROW, map.shx, s = 1.0, R = 180] the meaning is this: ARROW is the shape name (Shape name), refer to the arrow, map.shx ARROW for the storage of the type the file name (Shape file name), put In AutoCAD's implementation of the path, s is scale factor (scaling factor), s = 1.0 is to maintain the shape ARROW definition of the size, R the Rotation angle (rotation angle), R = 180 is turned 180 degrees when inserted ARROW . Form a complete unit is defined as follows:

[Shape_name, Shape_file_name, S = scale_factor,
R = rotation_angle, X = x_offset, Y = y_offset]

---- X_offset and y_offset is shaped insertion point in the direction of x and y offset, in general the default when the definition of linear map unused, press 0 and the management. In addition, the default value of R 0, S 1, only Shape_name and Shape_file_name is not the default.
---- Specific description of high-voltage definition. A number after the second line 0.001 is to draw in the form of the process will start drawing document to move, or a pen point of a short-term. Then draw a circle with a radius of 0.4 units. After drawing off round, the role of digital -0.4 0.4 drawing units leave a space, in order to brush moved across the circle round the back of the drawing is not overlap. Then draw the short length of 1.8, and then draw an arrow - shaped unit. Arrow followed by the short length of 11 units, then a 180 degree turn arrows and 1.8 units of short-term.

(D), how to define a text string with a linear

In the simple linear insert text strings, they constitute a text string with linear. This approach used in the treatment of topographic not by much. The following examples reflect the typical definition method, S, R, X, Y on the meaning and shape above a reference to the same unit. In AutoCAD 2000, the text string you can use Chinese, but before using the linear part concentrate on the graphics to be defined in good used Chinese characters.

* Line, line ---- ---- ---- line
A, 20, -. 5, ["line", the middle line of body, S = 1, R = 0.0, X = 0, Y =-. 5], -5

(E), generating shape (Shape) shortcut

1. Shaped the definition of the process, before and after the form of two files:. Shp and. Shx. . Shp is a text file, you can use any text editor to edit the form definition. Shp file. In AutoCAD command line compile command can be used. Shp file compiled. Shx file. . Shx shape file is a direct call for AutoCAD files, use the load command transferred. Shx file, use the shape command to insert the same block as the use of the graphic depicted form.

2. The next paragraph of three lines of text, is defined when the shape mapping file (Map.shp) City Duo on the definition, the first line after the double semicolon is to specify the text, you can use any English or characters. * To represent a second line defines the beginning of the line where the asterisk form of general information on the title line, where "2" as defined in the form of the city Duo Map.shp the sort number "6" as the number Description line byte length, "GWALL" for the shape's name. Starting from the third line is a digital description line, these figures are dominated a "virtual pen" to control the movement and its ups and downs, is sufficient to form the "draw" out.

;; City Duo
* 2,6, GWALL
003,5,034,040,03 C, 0

3. The definition of custom-shaped linear than the more complex, AutoCAD in detail, it seems more strenuous course, have to fully learn it is not doing something with. However, there is a shortcut, I have been tested by an open LISP program, it will be drawn automatically converted to shape DWG drawing file, on the site with you ~ 7color friends in private share. But friends using AutoCAD 2000 on this program do not need, because AutoCAD2000 the "Express" will bring their own make-shaped function. "Express" is the R14 in the "bonus" of an upgrade, "Make shape" in the "Tools" in the.

Second, how to draw such a multi-line highway (Multiline)

Roads and highways such as the line of body, is composed of several different colors of lines, and this linear very suitable to draw the Multiline.

Multi-line operation as follows:

1. In the menu "Format" column multi-line style, select "Multiline Styles", enter the dialog box.

2. In the "Multiline Styles" dialog box, first one is "Current", showing the existing multi-line name, this is shown in multiple lines will be used as template for the new multi-line, so should "lower triangular" select from the existing linear one of the most fit, the default is "STANDARD". In the "Name", the default display name is the name of the selected template linear, should enter a new name, and in the "Description", enter the appropriate description and help text.

3. Press "Add (add)" button is on this line were added to the current library. The following began to set up multiple lines.

4. By "Element Properties ...", enter the" Element Properties (element attributes) "dialog box, set the multi-line elements in.

5. In the dialog box, use the mouse to select the existing elements (lines), can their Color (color), Linetype (linear), Offset (offset) to change the three parameters, where "offset" is selected (line) elements in the distance from the center line, in the center on the positive and negative below.

6. In AutoCAD R14, the increase in the designated Linetype (linear) function, which is a very useful feature, click here for function button, the entry "Select Linetype" select linear, linear if the current optional less, but also through "load ..." transferred to a variety of custom linear. Can call this function from the definition of linear, making multi-line actually drawn with a belt and lace pattern function, which is in the past can be achieved only through programming.

7. To increase the elements (ie lines), press "Add" button, and then specify its offset, color, line three parameters. All the lines set up, you can "OK" Exit, return to the main interface, "Multiline Styles", enter "Multiline Properties ..." settings.

8. In the multiple line property "Multiline Properties" in, "Caps" some of the options for the main thread in the shape of the decision. A valuable feature is the "Fill (Fill)", select "On", then set the fill color "Color", the selected color as the background color will fill in more lines.

9. Example: the definition of "highway" linear, using the four black continuous line, offset, respectively 9.5,8.5, -8.5, -9, and then you can fill brown.

10. Save. Press "Save" button, choose a. Mli multi-line library files, can be inserted into this mli this linear library. Note: You should save every building a linear one, because every "Save" are built by the current linear.

11. Use. In the menu "Format" column select "Multiline Styles", enter the dialog box, in the "Current" is selected to be used in linear name, if not to be a linear list, by "Load ..." transferred button, select mli library file, transferred to pre-defined linear. In the "Current" is currently displayed in the default linear linear, using the Multiline tool button or "mline" command can be drawn.


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